Change hotkey for multi-selection mode

Under review 15

Suggested by:

Bradley Higgs

Use the universal behavior of ctrl-click or shift-click to set application state into grouping mode.



  • Dennis Ong updated the status to Under review 1 month ago
    Hey Bradley, thanks for reporting in on that bug of incorrectly triggering multi-select when typing in field comments. It's patched up now. Also I really like the suggestion of switching the hotkey for multi-select. Feels like it'll be much more intuitive that way. I'd gone through many iterations of different hotkey/trigger behaviours when building it, looks like I'd missed this better option while deep down the rabbit hole. Giving it a go next week, should be a quick one to change if it fits.
  • Bradley Higgs 1 month ago
    Also a bug: if you use the letter "m" while entering a comment MultiSelection mode launches and covers the table area.
  • Bradley Higgs suggested this feature. Status set to Open 1 month ago