Export to AdonisJS

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Harminder Virk

I have been using drawsql for a while and really love the product. Its recently when I noticed, that you provide a feature to export to Laravel schema directly from the app. I was thinking, if something similar can be done for AdonisJS as well - would be good to export to AdonisJS schema migrations



  • Dennis Ong 1 month ago
    Had further conversations with Harminder via email, but looks like we might be adding this sometime in Sep 🙂
  • Dennis Ong updated the status to Under review 1 month ago
    Hi Harminder, I'd be keen to add support for exporting to AdonisJS. I don't think there are many AdonisJS users in DrawSQL's current userbase, do you know if this is something your users are looking for / is there somewhere I can introduce and gauge interest before building this?
  • Harminder Virk suggested this feature. Status set to Open 1 month ago