Export to Rails Migrations

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Brian Rhea

I wish that I could draw a relationship and drawSQL would write the model relationships and migrations required to add it to my Rails project. I can imagine isn't a common use case because most database pros know what the relationships are. But visual thinkers like me who occasionally dabble in back-end code might benefit. Great work and good luck!



  • Simon 5 days ago
    That would be great! It is always time-consuming writing migrations in rails for a new project. It would be cool if DrawSQL could export a zip with migrations for each created table. I believe that this isn't a big task and that DrawSQL would profit from it.
  • Dennis Ong updated the status to Planned 2 weeks ago
  • Thomas Klemm 3 months ago
    Agreed, would find this very helpful
  • Dennis Ong updated the status to Under review 4 months ago
  • Brian Rhea suggested this feature. Status set to Open 4 months ago