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Niccolo Favari

Sometimes t's important to visually organize tables in space (maybe to group service/product functionalities together). When moving around multiple tables to create such clusters, it could be nice to select multiple tables at once and drag/drop them around together. e.g. I just imported an SQL with more than 100 tables (so it automatically placed all the tables together) and I have to create visually spaced out groups to explain functionalities to my co-workers.

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  • RichardRoach 2 months ago
    You might want to investigate Layers as a concept. Adding or moving tables between layers would allow you to represent functional table areas. In addition it would be helpful if you were able to label these sections and independently share out the layer view to specific team members working on discrete features.
  • Dennis Ong updated the status to Planned 3 months ago
  • Dennis Ong 5 months ago
    That makes sense, I'm looking to add some form of 'Table Groups' that would support use-cases like that. This will be a way to visually group product sections, as well as to give an easier way to move multiple tables around together. Would something like that help in your case? Still need to work out the best way to represent this visually :) For larger diagrams, most teams now are mapping separate app sections in different diagrams. The drawback is that relationships between those diagrams cannot be represented well, but it is less messy to navigate visually. Just putting it out there as an option that might work better.
  • Dennis Ong updated the status to Under review 5 months ago
  • Niccolo Favari suggested this feature. Status set to Open 5 months ago